Safeguarding Policy

Parish Safeguarding Policy Statement


At the PCC meeting held on 16th May 2018 the PCC of St Paul’s Egham Hythe adopted the Church of England “Promoting a Safer Church” Policy Statement, national policies and Practice Guidance approved by the House of Bishops.  This policy statement actively underpins all safeguarding work within the church.


The PCC is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community, and will ensure that we will

  1. Adopt and implement the House of Bishops’ safeguarding policy and practice guidance.
  2. Promote and publicise the ‘Promoting a Safer Church’ policy statement, and ensure all church officers have access to it.
  3. Have a plan in place that sets out, in line with national and local priorities, how the policy will be put into action.
  4. Ensure that any person who works with vulnerable groups is aware of and abides by national and local safeguarding guidance.
  5. Review the policy regularly to ensure best practice.

Promoting a Safer Church” sets out the Church of England’s commitment to making the church a safer place for all.

The Policies and Practice Guidance apply to all Church bodies and officers.  All authorised clergy, bishops, archdeacons licensed readers and lay workers, church wardens and PCCs are required by section 5 Clergy Disciplinary Measure to have to have “due regard” to safeguarding guidance issued by the House of Bishops.


The Policy Statement, Policies, Guidance and Protocols are available to view on the diocesan website at


Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is  

Alison Hawkins   E-mail


Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

Ian Berry   E-mail       Phone     07544 566850